• Evoke Smart Tech

    5" LCD Screen

    The user friendly interface will inform you with everything going on with your motorcycle. With our anti-glare design, you can still see the display in direct sunlight without it being a distraction when the sun goes down.

    On Board Diagnostics System

    Real time diagnostics allow you to travel with the knowledge that you will be the first to know if something goes wrong with your Urban S. The simple display means you will know exactly whats wrong without having to be an expert.

    Battery Monitoring System

    The battery monitoring system performs it's duties in real time so your Urban S will always balance and maintain your pack to perfection.

    ARC Accident Response Center

    Your safety is our biggest concern. As an Evoke rider, you will always be covered by our accident detection system which will contact us if your bike is involved in an accident so we can call you to find out if emergency assistance in required.

    Standard Charging

    The Urban S comes with a J1772 charging port so it is capable of using automotive charging stations. Utilize the huge number of charging stations appearing all over your country.

    Adapted to Your Riding Style

    The Urban S has two performance settings. By simply using your key, you can go from sport to economy mode instantly. You decide the way you ride.


    Connect your smartphone or other bluetooth enabled devices to your Urban S and enjoy seamless connectivity while you ride.

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