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    Urban Series

    Is the Urban Series Available in North America?

    The Evoke Urban Series currently awaits finalization of its DOT certification and final rollout of the Evoke North American dealer network, in the meantime however, Evoke is selling vehicles to interested buyers on an individual basis straight from our factory, this has proved to be a great success and allows early adopters to enjoy a period of exclusivity. If you would like to explore purchasing your own Urban series motorcycle through this method, drop us a line on contact@evokeev.com


    When is the 6061 available to purchase?

    The 6061 is currently undergoing low-medium speed tests to thoroughly test all components. We will start full speed test mid summer 2019 and we estimate production start end of the year with first deliveries in Spring 2020. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Facebook page for more info and be the first to have access to our pre-sales programme.

    Urban Series

    How long does it take to charge my bike?

    Your Evoke Urban series will take 90min to 80% and 180min to full charge, these figures are considered to be accurate in ideal conditions and would be dependent on a host of variables. Note that Evoke strongly recommends that you never allow your vehicle battery to drop below 10%, a fully discharged battery may result in issues not covered by your warranty.

    Urban Series

    Can I charge my bike at home off a "normal" plug?

    The Urban series bike is able to charge directly off your home electricity plug of 110v or 220v without any modification to either the bike or your power grid. When you purchase your Evoke motorcycle we are able to supply you with a J1772 charging gun that will marry to your local socket enabling charging at home. Evoke recommends using a 15 amp plug in order to preventing any issues with current.

    Urban Series

    Does the Urban series bike have any warranty?

    There is a warranty on all our vehicles, this is a manufacturer warranty on mechanical parts for 1 years, electrical components are 2 years and the batteries are covered for 3 years. Anything outside of this we will consider at our discretion, as you can imagine when building a brand it is important to analyse everything on an case by case basis.

    Urban Series

    Can I replace my battery?

    In terms of the battery life, you will get 5 years of use out of the current generation batteries and would definitely be able to replace it although by that time the industry and options would have vastly improved and the cost would outweigh the benefits of a replacement plus your riding style and skills would have no doubt changed. If you were to replace in 10 years it would be a simple process and one we could easily facilitate.

    Urban Series

    Do I need to worry about the Evoke being made in China?

    The stigma of made in China products is an interesting one and one that we are all too familiar with, the only thing Chinese about our bikes is the production line, the design and mechanical engineering on the Urban is done by a team of Canadians, the electrical engineering and controllers done by an American and the Business Development and strategy driven by a Polish gent. A number of our components emanate from the same facilities as Tesla and Zero while we ourselves operate from the same company responsible for producing the Apple iPhone. We understand the reluctance and the first impulse when offering a “Chinese” product but when potential customers first experience our bikes they are quickly convinced and become our biggest advocates, there is a reason that the majority of our Beijing based customers are ex-pats and we attribute this to being customer service and product quality.

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