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What to Look for When Purchasing an Electric Vehicle

So, you’re interested in finally going green and purchasing an electric vehicle eh? Well we hope that this article can help guide you through some of the processes when making a final decision. Not only will your purchase help save the world, it will also save you money and provide you with convenience down the road ahead. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of your new purchase!

I. Comfort

1. Whether this is going to be your main mode of transportation, or just something fun to use in the weekend, you’re going to want to use it more if it’s comfortable.

2. Check out the various body styles and frames to see which ones suit you the best. The look you’re going for is very important and finding one that fits you most will bring tremendous amounts of satisfaction.

3. Seating and comfort is just as an important factor in determining what you want. Being able to relax and feel comfortable in regards to your own personal vehicle is just as important in your decision making. No one wants to be on something they’re not comfortable with.

4. Most importantly, get out there and test some of the vehicles you’re interested in. Don’t worry about power, or battery configurations yet. Just test to see how much you like it, and whether or not it’s a good fit for you.

II. Distance

Evaluate all of these questions below will help you figure out how much distance you’ll need to cover before a recharge, and help you during your decision on what type of vehicle you want.

1. How far is your commute?

2. Where do you go in a typical day?

3. How many miles do you cover before you get to a recharge point?

4. Are you able to recharge a battery at your office?

III. Power & Performance

Realistically, the more power and performance you want, the more money you’ll need to spend. These two pretty much go hand to hand when it comes to making a decision. Keep in mind that these speeds are all at full charge, so you only get a certain amount of time before the battery starts to drain heavily

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