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In the recent years, climate change has been a worldwide issue and most countries have been trying to deal with it. In some countries the use of electric vehicles has been a way to combat climate change, since gas powered vehicles contribute to air pollution. In countries like the USA, Australia, China and so forth, people are now being advised to shift form vehicles that are gas powered to EVs as an attempt to combat climate change.

The main area where the shift is needed in most countries is the transport sector. 90 per cent of the transport sector of the US depends on liquid fuels to operate, and most of these liquid fuels are used in the passenger road transport. China uses most liquid fuels to transport goods and passengers by road and Australia use some in the aviation sector. EVs will become increasingly important in the next few years as they will replace gas powered vehicles. This move is being driven by the concerns on climate change, technological changes and governmental regulations.

A growing number of countries which include USA, China and so forth have created targets for the electric vehicle industry and the electric vehicle sales. China wants EVs to account for 40 per cent of the country’s auto sales by 2025.

In the EV industry, there are two main countries in the forefront, which are China and Norway. China leads the world in the sales of electric vehicles and their market keeps on growing every year. In 2017 alone, more than 600,000 EVs were sold and this was about an increase of 70 per cent for the sales in 2016. As for Norway, more than half of the cars that were sold in 2017 were EVs. In China electric cars will be part of their war on pollution, as companies like Volkswagen have invested $10 billion for relevant technology and plans to manufacture more than 1.5 million electric cars by 2025.

It’s not only cars that are going electric, some companies are already manufacturing electric motorcycles for commercial use. Norway is planning to make all short flights which are less than 2hrs to be operated by electric flights. The EV industry is not just changing the world, but making it a place.

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