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Sound System — Evoke Urban S

Written By: Jacob Davidson

As the legend goes, during New York block parties in the formative years of Hip Hop music, P.A. systems and turntables would be powered via hacked street lamps providing free power to a free party.
Such actions aside from being illegal, also carried some risk to anyone responsible who wasn’t entirely confident as to how to extract power from the grid without incurring electrocution. 
 Of course accidents do happen and whether or not these were the roots of the electro-boogie dance craze is still unclear.

There has been more than one exploration of using a vehicles means of propulsion for applications other than its primary purpose, but what might be a realistic use for the spare charge within an Evoke Urban-S?
 An electric vehicle intended for daily use might see all of its charge consumed on a daily basis (anything left over at the end of the day could be considered a waste), but what about when the weekend arrives and its use becomes more leisurely, no longer faced by the long miles of a daily commute?
 Musical tastes might have changed but what better way to bring fuel to the party than aboard your electric motorcycle? Perfect for accessing back streets and more discrete public areas, with a short ride to your favourite corner of your block there’s ample wattage to keep the tunes blasting till the early hours.

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