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How to attract that guy you want? Buy a motorcycle!

Being a girl in 2018 is all about independence; motorcycling gives you that freedom to ride and freedom to choose who you hang out with. Additionally, It’s no secret that men go for girls who ride bikes. There’s something very alluring about a girl in leather who disregards the issues of safety and practicality for the sake of her passion. Motorcycle girls are known for their free spirits, their edgy good looks, confidence and leather. Whatever bad boy you have your heart set on, the key to attracting one is to keep him on his toes while impressing him with your confidence.

1. Make eye contact — and then break it

If you want to get a bad boy’s attention, then you have to show him just a tiny bit of interest before letting him see that you've got better things to do. Just look at him for two seconds — try looking down and looking up through your lashes for an extra sexy effect — and then turn away. Stare at him long enough to make an impression but not for so long that you look like you really care whether or not he likes you.

2. Stand out to him

Bad boys don’t go for the girls who blend in with the crowd. They go for the girls who don’t quite fit in, who are worth a second look, and who don’t try to look, act, or dress like everyone else. If you have a funky fashion sense, stick to it. If you have an unusual laugh, don’t hide it. If you love sketching, playing the harmonica, or practicing karate, let him see what you love to do and don’t be ashamed of it.

3. Don’t be intimidated

A lot of girls are intimidated by guys because they think they’re too cool to give them a second of their time. Owning a motorcycle stops that from happening. The moment you own one you are the coolest girl in town. You take control when and where and if guy thinks too much of him self you can just takeoff. You take full control of the situation.

4. Play It Cool

Its fair to say that motorcycle girls and guys tend to be less clingy. Owning motorcycle lets you be free from your phone and other distractions. Motorcycles gives you a certain level of independence which allows you to have your own life within a relationship.

That part in particular attracts guys to you and keeps them on their toes.

5. Grab a Life

Another thing that attracts great guys to girls on bikes is common fact that riders don’t spend whole days in shopping malls getting fat on Vanilla mochas, they ride and love spending time outdoors with their partner. A motorcycle doesn’t just attract any guy. It attracts those that live and love life. Also let’s face it, who else but a man on a motorcycle is able to keep up to a woman on two wheels? Though riding and the focus to the road doesn’t exactly make for meaningful conversations; it will result in lots to talk about when the ride’s over.

6. Not Just Looks

One last thing is that girl with a motorcycle isn’t afraid to get hands dirty, and that in itself makes you hot. Its also attracts like minded guys who would both hold a decent conversation and respect your opinion. Let’s face it, what guy would say “no” to a girl that knows how to wrench?

All in all, buy a motorcycles and get The Guy you want.

These are just some of the ideas on how we think how to attract that guy you want by owning a Motorcycle.

What do you guys think? Please share your ideas and comments below.

By: Sebastian Chrobok

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