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Electric Motorcycles; Beijing to Tianjin

Last weekend, we took an electric motorcycle trip from Beijing to Tianjin. We covered 140km of highway riding along the Jingjin Highway and Jinghu Highway that starts from Beijing City Center and cuts through the Tianjin City Center. The group was heading down to the International Electric Bike Exhibition to check out the low speed EV market development and to meet a few suppliers.

The 5 riders in our group were riding 2 Evoke Urban S' and 2 Evoke Urban Classics, with 1 riding pillion. Average speeds on the highway for the group was about 90km/h, with some passing speeds in excess of 120km/h. Battery pack usage was going quite well, as the wind's were low, the highway was fairly smooth, we had no luggage or panniers to cause additional wind resistance, and rider's were fairly light (most of us).

To alleviate any sort of range anxiety, we decided to break the trip into 2 parts, with a charge up in the middle. The Evoke Urban S and Urban Classic usually gets around 200km in the city and 120km on the highway. We finished off our 1st leg at about 100km into the journey and the bikes still had 40% SoC. But we wanted to also rip around the city when we got there, so we decided to charge up at a small charging station at the edge of the city.

The trip itself was fairly smooth; the Evoke bikes are fast enough to get onto the highway and the highway tolls are about half the price of cars. The only hiccup was that the toll booth operators said that bringing a pillion rider on the bike is technically illegal on China highways, but in the end, they still let us on the highway.

With a fun-filled weekend of riding, fresh, clean air, bikes, buds, open roads and charging stations, we'll definitely be doing more mid to long distance trips aboard Evoke electric motorcycles as the weather gets warmer.

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