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Car and Motorcycle enthusiasts should be excited for the electric revolution

By Connor McRae

Over the last couple of months, there have been several countries announcing plans to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine cars in the next couple of decades. Understandably, many car and motorcycle enthusiasts have been up in arms freaking out that their daily transportation will be changing from a noisy, piston clanking, dinosaur juice burner to a quiet, smooth EV. As an oldskool car enthusiast and a newskool biker, I cannot wait for the world to start shifting to electric vehicles. These are the reasons my fellow enthusiasts shouldn't be losing sleep.

1. Who Cares What Power Source Moves Them?

Well the way that I look at it, no one loses with this transition (with the exception of oil companies) because first off, your average consumer doesn't care what power source gets them to work. With the horrendous fuel prices these days, I would rather drive/ride something that costs a fraction to get me to my destination rather than clocking up miles on my pride and joy. To add to that, doesn't the prospect of a lower maintenance vehicle sound more appealing that having to get fluids changed every few thousand miles? I mean come on, no one likes taking their car to the mechanic and something that extends the intervals between those visits must be a good thing right?

2. When is the Last Time You Enjoyed Driving to Work?

Its not like your average driver has a fun car to commute in the first place and even if they did, chances are they would just be stuck in traffic, racking up miles on their pride and joy. Its very rare that you can actually travel on empty roads that can bring us any sort of enjoyment anymore unless you are heading out into the country. If you want to enjoy commuting or popping down to the shops in your main form of transport, it had better be a motorcycle or you are going nowhere fast.

Doesn't everyone just want a form of transport that can get them from A to B without the wheels falling off?

3. Weekend Warriors

Finally and most importantly for an enthusiast, I am very much looking forward to the glut of cool, used cars that will be hitting the second hand markets once consumers start picking up EVs as their daily drivers. My fingers are firmly crossed that in a few years time, I can go and pick up a not so old performance car for some weekend fun and track days with vast quantities of spares filling up the junk yards. Imagine looking through your local classified ads and all the best performance cars and bikes of today are all advertised at an unfathomably low price. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

4. You Can Daily Drive Classics Without the Reliability Problems

With the number of EV conversion kits for classic cars increasing by the week, the option to daily drive a classic cars has finally become feasible. Yes I know you could technically drive a classic every day but it was only for the dedicated who could handle the constant breakdowns and reliability issues. Even those of us who do not want to get their hands dirty can just go to companies like EV west, get a classic converted to electric and drive trouble free.

If you boil it down, you are saving money in the long run by using an EV as a daily driver and your weekend track vehicle budget will be able to go a lot further than it does today. Whats not to love?

The world of private transport is changing and if you embrace that change early on, you can really make the most of the perks. I'm really looking forward to beating the traffic day to day on an electric motorcycle, driving a electric classic and blasting around the track in my mad sports car I built on the cheap with the highest end parts the 2010s had to offer.

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