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An Easy Ride

Written By: Jacob Davidson

There are several factors affecting the ride-ability and handling of a two-wheeled vehicle.
Some are as simple as the position the rider takes when seated, dictated by the seat height and location of the handlebars and footrests. Other, more subtle influences include; the distance between the centre of the wheels (dictating the bike’s overall length), the bike’s weight and the angle of the front forks in relation to the ground.

In terms of its dimensions, the Evoke Urban-S is modeled after a mid-sized sportster however, its advantage in ease of operation over a motorcycle with a gearbox, is in its lack of one.
For first time riders, one major barrier to overcome in getting underway aboard a motorcycle is the clutch. What becomes second nature over time often begins more hit and miss, with the coordination between clutch and engine revs often taking some getting used to.

The Evoke Urban-S provides a far less demanding introduction to motorcycling. Its electric engine is without the need for either clutch or gearbox, and as a result, its operation is a much simpler affair.

For first time riders faced with the task of both balancing on a bike and remaining in control as it begins to move under its own power; removing the additional burden of clutch control makes for a much greater chance of initial success and subsequently, increased rider confidence.
Electric motorcycles cannot be stalled. The entire action for mobilising the bike is to be found in the rotation of the throttle held in the right hand and applied by a flex of the wrist. Torque is instant and the efforts to accelerate to top speed are as simple as rotating the throttle to its limit, keeping it directed towards open road and allowing the engine to do the rest.

With access to the thrills of motorcycling reduced to such simple terms, it’s a package seemingly tailored towards first time motorcyclists, but also one that after years of riding, seasoned bikers immediately appreciate.

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